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Jesus is the Answer!

A diverse group of people whose greatest joys are worshiping Jesus and loving one another. From these stem our ability in Christ to minister to the lost and hurting, both within our community and around the world.


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Posted on Feb 8 by

Starting at the age of 12, Brianna smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol which later lead to methamphetamine and harder drugs. From that point things quickly started getting out of...


Walking Through Recovery | Tyler’s Story

Posted on Jan 18 by

Born into addiction as a baby, surrounded by addiction as a child, then seeking validation from his father all led Tyler down a path of substance abuse which eventually landed...


HCC Preview Day

Posted on Jan 17 by

Click here to reserve your spot, or forward to someone who may be interested in Bible College. Contact Judi for details, 573-633-5610.


Walking Through Recovery | Jeff’s Story

Posted on Jan 5 by

Jeff began his addiction at an early age, but in his late 20s his addiction took a serious turn. He felt broken in heart, mind, and body, seeking something elusive. After a...