It is our desire that children spend their developing years in an atmosphere of Christian love, Christian learning, and Christian values. HCA will provide a quality educational program to encourage all students to attain their highest level of academic excellence. A high quality education in a Christ-centered atmosphere is best achieved with the continual and diligent involvement of the students’ parents. HCA believes the school is an extension of church and home and it exists to foster a partnership with parents in educating children.

HCA has adapted a version of the “year around school” format. This allows us to incorporate more vocational opportunities for the high school students, and hands on learning for the K4 through middle school. Another benefit of this format is that it facilitates continuous learning; students forget less over the shorter breaks and the teachers spend less time reviewing. Bob Jones University Press curriculum is used as well as ABEKA and Positive Action. The Academy strives for educational superiority in all areas of study, including Bible, as well as an independent study program that assists students who test below their academic level. Tutoring is available for those students who are behind in their age-appropriate classes.

Within the classroom setting, the ratio of students to a teacher in K4 through grade 5 is ten to one and fourteen to one in middle school and high school.

In addition to yearbook, HCA offers several sports programs for girls and boys in grades 7-12. Girls may participate in volleyball, basketball, and track. Sports for the boys include basketball, baseball, and track. A basketball program is also available for grades 3-6.

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Website: www.hcaboardingschool.org

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Boarding School

Whether living in a dormitory or a group home, students are assigned to a discipleship leader who is living the Biblical lifestyle on a daily basis and is a strong example and mentor for the student. Students are encouraged in daily Bible reading, prayer, and in Christ-like conduct. Students also attend Heartland Academy Community Church services on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening. Living within the Heartland Community, these students see living examples of what it means to follow Christ daily.

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Website: www.hcaboardingschool.org/boarding-school

Phone: (660) 284-6300

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