Rally for Recovery

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September is National Recovery Month, a time to increase awareness and celebrate successes of those who battle addictions.

Heartland’s “Rally for Recovery” is our 1st Annual Run/Bike/Walk-a-Thon fundraiser to provide practical needs for those in recovery. Whether you’re walking to create awareness, to honor a loved one, or to celebrate your own victory, we need you! Make a difference in the fight, one step at a time — sign up today!

With your help, Heartland Recovery Programs will continue strong in our mission of providing a place where men, women, and youth can be set free from life-controlling issues through the saving power of Jesus Christ.


STARTS: September 01, 2020 at 6:00 pm CST

ENDS: September 30, 2020 at 11:59 pm CST


By registering as a participant, you’ll receive a personal fundraising page that you can share out to your friends and family! Participating is easy, and you have the entire month of September to complete your goal. You can help make an impact in three easy steps:


It only takes a minute to register and start raising money for recovery.

Register here.


Share your personal fundraising page with your friends and family, and invite them to give!


By raising $100 or more, you’ll receive a free tshirt and forever remember the impact you made by encouraging someone on their way to recovery.

September Event Cancellation

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Due to the continued concerns related to Covid-19, we made the difficult decision to cancel our 2020 Homecoming scheduled for September. We hope to reschedule a date in 2021 if circumstances allow.

Our first call as the people of God is to care for others. Canceling this homecoming event seems like the best way to take care of people right now. Thanks again for all your helpful conversations. Please continue to pray for us as we make ongoing decisions, and pray for our nation and world as we fight this pandemic.

Mission House Dollar Days

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The Mission House Thrift Store hours are changing, and we’ll now be open Friday and Saturday 10am to 2pm.

July 31st and August 1st, come get some great deals on clothing during our DOLLAR DAY$ — all men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing just $1 per item.

Testimony – Jacob’s Story

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I have been at Heartland for nineteen years. I believe God brought me here to save me from who I would have been. I had a lot of anger issues because of abuse in my childhood. I was in the dark back then. I’m in the light now.

When, I was ten years old, my grandmother adopted me. She was a Marine, and she adopted me when she was 68. She helped me a lot with my anger and frustrations. Three years before I came to Heartland, my grandma helped me get to know about Jesus. Then she sent me to Heartland Christian Academy so that I could get more help. And I did.

I was on medications for hyperactivity and problems. God opened the opportunity for me to not take those meds anymore. At first school was hard at HCA because of my anger and issues. When God came in, I became peaceful and school was a lot better.

Finally, I got saved at Heartland. I felt peaceful. Most of my childhood was chaos, so I was happier and better after I got saved.

One of my favorite memories was lunch time at HCA, hanging around with the teachers. They helped me with academic problems. My English teacher, Karen AbuSaada, was one of my favorite teachers. She taught me how to diagram sentences and made me feel comfortable. She really helped me with things I needed. If I had a problem, I could go to her and talk to her.

Graduating from Heartland Christian Academy was special because I didn’t know I could do that. A lot of adults had told me I wasn’t going to amount to anything. Heartland has helped me to prove them wrong.

After I graduated, I stayed in Heartland for Bible College. I wanted to learn more about God and life; the theme was to Prepare for Life. Darin Rihanek was one of my favorite HCC teachers. He showed me how to prepare for life and also taught me things in class that I enjoyed.

I decided to stay at Heartland after Bible College to work and learn more about life. I got my own apartment, and I enjoyed that. I also have friends here. We would go bowling, play mini-golf, go shopping and just have a fun time.

God has changed a lot in my life. He has told me that I’m going to help a lot of people. That they will understand Jesus through me. He has answered my prayers. One big change in my life is how God changed my anger into being considerate and caring for people.

In this next season, God has told me that I need to help people who have been abused like me, to be a light to people. To be a servant. I learned in servanthood class that you should serve people.

I would like to thank Pastor Charlie, Laurie, and all the leaders here for being here whenever I needed them.

I appreciate everyone in Heartland, and I love you guys.

Editor’s Note: It has been a privilege and a blessing to have Jacob in our lives. His grandmother, Barbara Johnson, was a Methodist pastor in Shelby County for many years and a faithful friend to the Heartland community. We send our love and prayers with Jacob as he joins his sister in their home state of Iowa (go Hawkeyes!) and begins his next season.