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Most people, when they find success, usually work to make their lives easier, not harder. They look to surround themselves with other successful people, not the down and the out. Those of us who have received a second chance in life through Heartland Recovery are grateful that Charlie Sharpe wasn’t “most people”.

Charlie and Laurie Sharpe saw the need and desperation of those struggling with addiction who were falling through the cracks of our society. And they did something about it; they gave everything. Instead of just donating money and walking away, Charlie and Laurie chose to live and be in community with those who needed it the most. They cried with the hurting, opened their home and hearts to those in need, and built a city of Refuge.

Walking Through Recovery – Kelly’s Story

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After many traumatic life events, Kelly turned to drugs and alcohol to escape her pain. Instead of finding relief, they just compounded her problems and before she knew it, Kelly found herself homeless and suicidal.

“The biggest difference [coming to Heartland], was the huge amount of love poured into me. From all the loss and trauma, I guess I’d given up on love… I had disconnected.” One year later, God is restoring Kelly’s relationships with her family, she is a full-time student, and she’s grateful for the opportunity to encourage others in her situation to not give up. “There’s help out there. There are good people out there.”

If addiction has brought you to a place of hopelessness like Kelly found, seek help today.

Contact Information:
Heartland Women’s Recovery Program
304 New Creation Road
Bethel, MO 63434
Admissions phone 660-213-4553
eFax 816-817-1305

More information:

Join us at Heartland Community Church!

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On behalf of the congregation of Heartland Community Church, Pastor Kris Palmer invites you to join us as we meet together here in northeast Missouri.

We are a non-denominational church that was founded in 1996 as a part of the Heartland community, made up of people who serve in ministries of recovery programs for men and women, children & youth homes, a K-12 school, and a Bible College. Our Church is also open and eager to welcome anyone from the surrounding area to our meetings and to serve you as needs arise. If you don’t presently have a home church, we invite you to come see what God is doing in our midst.

Located at 6434 Shelby Co. Rd. 150, Bethel, MO 63434
Phone 660-284-6330

NCCS Holiday Hours

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College Chili Supper Missions Fundraiser

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HCC students are preparing for the annual Missions Fundraiser Chili Supper, scheduled for Saturday, November 5th. All are welcome to join us for homemade chili and cornbread, baked goods, a cupcake walk, and auction. Save the date and plan to bring the whole family for dinner, 5:30-7:30pm at the Heartland Christian Academy gym (101 Nations Boulevard, Bethel, MO).

The cupcake walk begins at 6pm, and the auction shortly after that. Auction items include baked goods, Moink ribs, hand crafted signs, and more.