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Starting at the age of 12, Brianna smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol which later lead to methamphetamine and harder drugs. From that point things quickly started getting out of hand. She shared, “My mother and grandmother could not trust me, they were worried sick about me when I wasn’t with them, and then the times that I was with them, they just couldn’t trust me.”

Brianna reached a turning point when she found herself committing crimes. She arrived at Heartland Recovery which began a transformative time for her in understanding self-forgiveness and the importance of communication, though she was initially unable to converse due to paranoia.

Now, Brianna places her trust in God, and has committed her life to serving Him. She encourages those struggling with addiction, “There is no sin, no flaw that is too big or too small for God to forgive you. You can be forgiven and salvation is 100% all the time available to you.” Reach out to Heartland Recovery today for help!

Contact Information:
Heartland Women’s Recovery Program
304 New Creation Road
Bethel, MO 63434
Admissions phone 573-633-5606
eFax 816-817-1305

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Harmony & Healing

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Walking Through Recovery | Tyler’s Story

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Born into addiction as a baby, surrounded by addiction as a child, then seeking validation from his father all led Tyler down a path of substance abuse which eventually landed him in prison. Losing his family and feeling utterly hopeless, Tyler acknowledges that he hit rock bottom, “I had given up on life itself.” After a failed suicide attempt, he cried out to God and drove through the night to find help at Heartland.

Tyler credits his turnaround to surrendering his life to Jesus and trusting in others. Reunited with his family and embracing fatherhood, “I’m free to be a dad and I’m free to be a husband and I’m free to be a child of God.” His message is simple: hold on to hope. If you’re facing similar struggles, Tyler’s journey shows us that change and freedom are possible through Jesus Christ. Reach out to Heartland Recovery today and see how we can help you.

Contact us if you or someone you know is in need of help.
Heartland Men’s Recovery Program
500 New Creation Road Newark, MO 63458
(573) 633-5606 (Admissions Phone)
1-816-817-1802 (eFax)

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HCC Preview Day

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Click here to reserve your spot, or forward to someone who may be interested in Bible College. Contact Judi for details, 573-633-5610.

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