Posted on Jul 24, 2019

Ten years of drug addiction and brokenness led Robert Hambelton to the Heartland Men’s Recovery Program in March of 2009. He came to the program not wanting anything to do with the things of God. However after a couple months of hearing Pastor Charlie preach about sin and the salvation message, Robert says, “I realized how messed up I was and how desperately I needed Jesus. At the age of 29, I gave my life to the Lord.”

Robert has accepted the role of Operations Manager of CNS International Ministries, Inc., which can seem like a big job. But Robert is used to hard work. “My Dad had always taught me to work as I was growing up. We would leave the house at daylight and come home at dark. I thought that was a normal thing. As a result of growing up like that on a farm, I have always had a passion for agriculture. It was a complete blessing to be able to come to a recovery program to get help with my life and still be able to work on a farm. Today, as Operations Manager of CNSIMI, I’m able to work with managers and people who have laid down their lives for the call God has placed on them. It is an honor and privilege to do so.”

“I would like to invite our neighbors to come see what we are doing here at Heartland. Join us for church. We would just like to invite everyone in the area to come visit and be a part of what God is doing here in the middle of a corn field!”

Click here for more of Robert’s testimony (video link).