Posted on Jul 24, 2020

Adrienne Miller says she “really” got saved at church, after being in the women’s recovery program just under a month. “I don’t remember what Pastor Charlie was preaching,” she recalled, “but I knew I had to get up to the altar. Going to the altar and praying this time was very different than the times I had done it before. I knew it was real, and I was no longer playing the “perfect little church girl” game. This time was for keeps. It was the first time I realized that it took a real, working relationship with Jesus to have victory over sin. Since then God has graciously delivered me from depression and feelings of worthlessness.

“The Women’s Recovery Program was what I needed to get my life back on track. I had done a great job of making my life a huge mess at the ripe age of twenty-one. I was able to come to the program knowing I was a mess, and that I needed help getting my mess straightened up. As I progressed through the program I felt a rekindling of what had been in my heart for years, helping people. I didn’t know if it would be working with the youth or working at the women’s home, but I was open for whatever God had for me.” At that point Adrienne had no idea that working full time in the women’s home for an extended number of years was in her future, let alone becoming the director of the program.

Many of us are aware of the desperate need around us, and most of us want to help meet that need. You may be asking yourself, “How do I help my loved one? I don’t know anything about addiction.”

You can help by placing a phone call to get some general information about one of our recovery programs. Or you can invite a friend who is struggling in life to come with you to one of our church services. Perhaps it starts with taking someone to dinner and just being a listening ear. Let us know if we can help; we are here to serve.