Posted on Mar 5, 2024

Looking for affirmation and trying to impress others was the start of Wyatt’s journey into addiction. Validation soon took precedence over relationships with family and friends, and Wyatt found himself headed for prison, not sure where to turn next. Faced with the choice of continuing down a destructive path or embracing change, he opted for giving Heartland a try.

Change for Wyatt came as he worked one on one with Men’s Recovery group leaders. “I saw that what they came from wasn’t too far off from what I was coming from… but it wasn’t just them doing it, it was something else in their life and that was Jesus.” Graduating from the program, Wyatt has built strong and meaningful relationships. He encourages those grappling with addiction to recognize that change isn’t solely about one’s actions or location, “It’s the people that you’re going to constantly surround yourself with.”

If you’re looking for real life change, reach out to Heartland Recovery. We continue to see men like Wyatt set on a new path of freedom and life.

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