Posted on Jun 25, 2024

Spencer Wood believes that his struggle began long before he ever used drugs, noting, “The addicted mind thinks differently.” Throughout his youth, Spencer felt overwhelming shame, fear, and anxiety, which led him to use drugs as an escape. His escape slowly turned into an addiction that spiraled out of control. He felt immense guilt for hurting people, but felt powerless to stop. After a brief stint out of prison, he broke promises to his family and quickly ended up back in jail. In his desperation, Spencer prayed for help and an opportunity to go to Heartland.

Having been through about 15 different rehabs over 16 years, Spencer found Heartland to be unique. His first night at a chapel service, he recalls arriving and seeing a room full of people just like him, “smiling, some of them crying, singing at the top of their lungs,” and feeling certain that he was in the right place. Unlike other treatment centers that focused solely on his drug problem, Heartland helped him understand that “using the drugs was really not the problem.” He discovered that he had a deeper issue “a sin problem.”

Spencer’s life has taken a positive turn. He has rebuilt trust with his family and formed a close relationship with his son. He no longer sees himself destined to die as a drug addict, saying, “I’ve realized it doesn’t have to be that way.” His message to others struggling with addiction is one of hope: “Don’t ever give up hope… God wants to help you, you just have to let him.”

Through the generosity of donors, Heartland is able to provide a 12-month residential recovery program without charge to people like Spencer. Help get the word out by sharing these testimonies or letting those who are struggling know there is a place they can get help!

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