Posted on Nov 7, 2023

Roger’s journey to recovery started with his desire to be a better husband and father. “I was always up and down, unreliable and untrustworthy. I wanted so much to be a good father, to be a good husband, and I was failing.” His turning point arrived when he hit rock bottom, seeking help at Heartland out of a desperate desire to hold his family together. Little did he know that this journey would lead him to a spiritual awakening.

God began speaking to Roger again at Heartland and that transformed his beliefs and outlook on life. During his time here, he discovered the value of relationships and the freedom of living authentically. With these new tools in hand, Roger aims to share the love and teachings of Christ with those in need, emphasizing that seeking help and embracing faith can break the chains of addiction. “You can’t do this alone. Christ Alone is the one thing in my life that has changed me.”

That’s what Heartland is, a place to find Jesus and His redeeming power and to walk through recovery with people who care and hold you accountable.

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