Posted on May 8, 2024

Nick’s journey with addiction began at age seven due to an abusive stepfather. Watching his stepfather numb himself with alcohol, Nick discovered alcohol could numb his pain too, but that only led to hitting absolute rock bottom with a suicide attempt in 2018. The 12-step program helped him get back on his feet, but four years later, Nick relapsed into gambling. Much to his surprise this landed him in jail, which was a wake up call yet again.

Feeling God leading him to Heartland Recovery, Nick filled out an application in jail. Initially resistant, he eventually surrendered to God and found true healing. Now, nearing graduation, he’s committed to following God’s will and has begun to see restoration in some of his broken relationships. His advice to those struggling? While 12-step programs help, true transformation comes from knowing God and His love. Heartland is a place you can come and find God.

Have you tried other Recovery programs, but feel like you need something deeper? Reach out today. Through the generosity of donors, we are able to provide a place without charge to men and women looking for freedom and a fresh start. Help get the word out by sharing these testimonies or letting those who are struggling know there is a place they can get help!

Heartland Men’s Recovery Program
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