Posted on May 30, 2024

Michael grew up in a rough, drug-infested neighborhood in St. Louis. Surrounded by people dealing or using drugs, he rebelled against his strict family. Looking back, he admits, “It wasn’t fun now that I think back on it, it was not fun at all.” His life spiraled as he started staying out all night and hanging with the wrong crowd, influenced by drugs and shame.

Michael had been through Heartland Recovery Program before, but a year ago, he relapsed, thinking he could hide it. The turning point came when his daughter, who always called him “Daddy,” addressed him as “Michael” at his job. “That hurt me to my soul,” he recalls, realizing she was too ashamed to acknowledge him as her father. This moment pushed him to seek help. Since returning to Heartland, Michael has reconnected with his family, talking to his daughter and grandsons weekly. He believes in finding Jesus and just living a good life. “I just feel like God put in my heart that day, you know, to just change and do better.” Michael’s advice to others is clear: avoid drugs, find Jesus, read the Bible, and live a better life knowing God is always watching. “If you never use drugs, don’t use them,” he urges. “Find Jesus because if you don’t, the devil will find you.”

Through the generosity of donors, Heartland is able to provide a place without charge to people like Michael looking for freedom and a fresh start. Help get the word out by sharing these testimonies or letting those who are struggling know there is a place they can get help!

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