Posted on Aug 5, 2022

Depression was one of the factors that brought about Gary’s addiction, which escalated from social drinking to full-blown alcoholism. He talks about a void in his life and coming to a place of desperation where he was finally broken, homeless, hopeless, and alone. “There were many nights I was looking for a place like Heartland.”

“Is there constant chaos in your life? Are you struggling with addiction or any number of sins the world provides?” asks Gary. “Your Father in Heaven is calling out to you. Give God a chance. He will give you the peace you always dreamed about but have never been able to have.”

Talk to someone today about finding help. Heartland offers a 12-month recovery program for men and women.

Contact Information:
Heartland Men’s Recovery Program
500 New Creation Road Newark, MO 63458
(660) 213-4553 (Admissions Phone)
1-816-817-1802 (eFax)

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