Posted on Jun 19, 2023

Vacation Bible School at Heartland Community Church is always a fun-filled time for elementary age children. Our team of energetic volunteers led the way in this year’s theme of “Ready, Set, Move!” as they inspired kids to follow Jesus here, there, and everywhere with engaging, hands-on fun.

They learned to:
DO What He Says
LOVE Who He Loves
SHARE What He Did
GO Where He Leads

“The very best foundation is to build your life on your relationship with Jesus – by hearing His words, and then doing what Jesus says,” Mrs. Bock shared at the close of day one. “We don’t have to wonder how Jesus wants us to live! We can find out by reading Jesus’ words in the Bible! His words will always show us what is right and what is true. But it doesn’t end there. God sent Jesus out of the deepest love we could ever imagine. And Jesus died so we could have a relationship with God that will last forever. Our life with Jesus is a journey that takes us here, there, and everywhere. As we travel, we get to show love. We can love who Jesus loves.”

As this year’s VBS theme verse says, “Let us keep looking to Jesus. He is the one who started this journey of faith. And he is the one who completes the journey of faith.” Hebrews 12:2a NIrV