Posted on May 13, 2024

One of the highlights of our Heartland Community Church calendar is the annual Missions Gathering, where we host many of our friends from around the world for a time of refreshing and renewal. Around 40 international guests joined us in 2024 as we heard a message of “Stand Firm” and encouraged one another through the Word, prayer and fellowship.

“Standing firm is about all of us together standing, trusting God for His deliverance, not being afraid, relying on the Holy Spirit, actively praying and worshiping, each doing their part, and all of us believing and living as people who hear the voice of God,” exhorted Pastor Kris Palmer. “We are to do this wherever He calls and in whatever church He has set us so that in doing His will His way, the darkness is pushed back, and the kingdom of God advances forward until He comes.”

The video recap shows highlights of those times together, along with a look at many of the Church members who volunteered to serve during those days.