Posted on Jun 21, 2021

Our core purpose at Heartland is to be a place of ministry to youth, men, and women who have life controlling issues. What that has looked like practically over the past 26 years continues to evolve. We invite you to watch this presentation of “Heartland Today” as we share about some of those changes and just a few stories from people whose lives are totally different today because of the power of God and their desire for change. 

“People come here broken,” shares Heartland co-founder Laurie Sharpe. “Families have been torn apart and they have no hope. Our community is here to bring them to the Lord, disciple them and then send them out with a foundation that will give them the ability to share with others the hope of eternity. When they realize Jesus is the answer, people experience true freedom. Families are put back together, broken relationships are healed and others are led to know the Lord.”

Watch the video now on YouTube, or on our Facebook page.