Posted on Jul 28, 2021

Get ready to focus on rebuilding your life! 

At its heart, true recovery is getting back to a right relationship with Christ. That’s why at Heartland Recovery, we don’t consider ourselves a rehab, but a recovery program—it’s not just about going somewhere and getting sober, but experiencing a changed life through a changed heart. 

Coming to a 12-month Christian recovery program gives residents more than just sobriety—it’s about a lifestyle transformation. We take people who are ready for change, let them get clean, and teach them how to live a life for Jesus… because true freedom is only found in a relationship with Christ. 

While they’re here, residents will:
• Meet with group leaders one-on-one who walk them through life circumstances in a healthy way and can say, “I’ve been where you are.”
• Learn the the fundamentals of the Gospel through classes, small groups, and church services.
• Walk in sobriety through the power and presence of Jesus, and the Word of God.
• Grow in life skills such as managing emotions, parenting, conflict resolution, finances, marriage, sexual integrity, community service, and more. And to begin walking out what they have learned.

Recovery Program facilities for men and women are located in the Heartland Community in northeast Missouri—a peaceful, rural setting far removed from the distractions of life. 

Heartland Recovery is part of CNS International Ministries, Inc.—a place of ministry to men, women, and youth struggling with life controlling issues.  

Many of the people who live and work in this intentional Christian community have themselves been impacted by addiction. Opportunities for program residents to interact with families at church services, small groups and other activities has been a vital part of the recovery process as they learn to build healthy relationships and are encouraged by others who have walked through the same process.

Heartland Community Church was founded in 1995 and the ministry of CNSIMI has grown to include a K-12 school, recovery programs, youth and children’s homes, and a Bible College. 

One unique aspect of the Heartland Recovery program is the participant cost. Traditional rehab programs are very expensive, but through donations from our ministry supporters, we are able to offer help to anyone who desires to see their life restored.  

If you or someone you know is looking for a way to move forward out of addiction, contact us today!

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