Posted on Aug 8, 2022

Registration is open for our Fall Semester 2022 classes at Heartland Christian College. Contact the Registrar for details, 660-284-4800.

BLOCK 1-2 (August 22nd-  Dec. 15th)

  • Monday evening, 4:00- 6:30 PM- Disciplines of Life
  • Monday evening, 4:00-6:30 PM- Bible Research & Interpretation
  • Friday, 9:30 AM- Servanthood I & III

BLOCK 1 (August 22nd- October 11th)

  • Monday/Wednesday, 8:10-10:50 AM-  Old Testament Studies I and Church History I
  • Tuesday/Thursday, 8:10-10:50 AM- College Composition and Bible Doctrines

BLOCK 2 (October 17th- December 15th)

  • Monday/Wednesday, 8:10-10:50 AM- Consumer Math, Evangelism, and Creative Bible Teaching
  • Tuesday/Thursday, 8:10-10:50 AM-  Old Testament Studies II and Ephesians


CL 100 Disciplines of Life. An overview of the most recognized disciplines of the Christian life, including prayer and Bible study. Special emphasis is placed on practicing the virtues demonstrated by Jesus. 3 credit hours

BI 207 Bible Research & Interpretation. The introductory study and application of tools and methods along with insights and means of proper biblical interpretation.  3 credit hours

BI 110 Old Testament Studies I.  A survey of the Old Testament emphasizing historic and thematic connections as well as the message of each book. The books are viewed both individually and collectively. Topics will be covered are the Pentateuch (Law), Historical Books (Prophets), and the Writings. Geographical material will also be added to provide support for the historical context of each book. 3 credit hours

HS 206 Western Church in World History I. This course presents a broad survey of the interrelationship between world history and the history of the Western Church from the time of the early church to the pre-reformation. The focus is on the major changes and movements within both the church and world history, emphasizing their relevance and impact on today. 3 credit hours