Posted by on Jan 29, 2013

Drugs and alcohol. This was the very thing that I grew up seeing, so I went after the same things that the people around me were doing. I was the typical high school all star athlete and had a drug and alcohol addiction to go with it. Notice I said addiction and not sickness because it was all a choice.

I chose to live this kind of lifestyle and I can say that the only reason I would regret it is because of the time lost to be able to serve Jesus. On the other hand, I would not take it back because I strongly believe I would not be where I am today if it was not for the rock bottom roads that eventually led me to Christ and into a two year Bible college.

Jesus has set me free and because of His love and mercy I now have the life I always wanted—one full of peace and joy with the help of true friends and leaders that have surrounded me in their lives, who have displayed to me what it means to have a true relationship with God and with friends.

Coming to Heartland Recovery Program, and then Heartland Christian College, has truly helped me and has shown me that there is something far greater than just living life. Bible College has given me purpose and direction in my life not because of the College, but because of the Jesus who lives on the inside of me who has used Bible College as the foundation for the rest of my life.